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Credit Management is a career continually on the rise around the world.
Founded in 1995, the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM) is a specialized private institution of higher learning, providing world class credit management education in Nigeria. The pursuit of career in Credit Management in Nigeria has come of age dating back to 1995, when the then Graduate School of Credit Administration (GRASCA, now PSCFM) was incorporated. The school seeks to provide an avenue for skill and knowledge acquisition in sound credit management in the country.

The PSCFM has three main specialist qualifications:

 Professional Postgraduate Fellow (PPF)

 Executive Specialist Postgraduate Diploma (ESPGD)

 Specialist Executive Advanced Diploma (SEAD)

To be the best credit management educational provider playing frontline role in the growth and development of needed manpower for efficient, reliable and sustainable management of creditmarket economy in Nigeria.

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College, UK, provides comprehensive range of specialist qualifications in credit management; has granted affiliation to the Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) for the combined running of professional skills development programmes in credit management and award qualifications:

The programmes are designed for people who are already working in credit management or intend to pursue a successful career in credit management, or within the credit and financial services industries. Although most participants may have previous experience in the field of credit and credit management, substantial formal prior training or experience in credit management is not required, bearing in mind that there are also those who are interested in diversifying or changing their present career to credit management.

The programme provides advanced study in credit management. The modules include research material undertaken by the PSCFM and LPCMC. The course is designed to help participants to acquire comprehensive conceptual and technical appreciation of up to date developments in the theory and practice various departments of modern credit management.

The combined programme of PSCFM and LPCMC is delivered basically through distance learning and weekend class interaction. The students receive their Study Packs (SP) regularly and read independently, subject to regular coursework assignments. However, students in Lagos do have classroom lectures every Saturday in addition to their study packs which they must buy. General class comprises of distance learning and weekend students and is conducted once in a year and is mandatory.A total of 120 credit is required for graduation.

Whatever programme of credit management a student chooses, the duration is twelve (12) months, starting from the date part or all of the tuition fee is paid. We operate two semesters in a session namely, January to June and July to December.

While the programme continues, student's study, works and performance record are moderated by both LPCMC, UK and PSCFM, Nigeria. Both institutions will separately issue specialist certificate in credit management to student who successfully complete the programme. The qualification is industry-wide recognized and is endorsed by The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), Nigeria’s only national body for the regulation, licensing and setting of standards for credit management.

 Graduate who wishes to make a career in Credit Management
 HND holder who wishes to bag specialist qualification in Credit Management
 Credit Management personnel in business organizations, government parastatals and multilateral financial agencies.
 Credit Analysis Trainees, Credit Control Officers and Credit Relationship Executives.
 Newly Inducted Graduate Employees of Banks.
 Managers and Directors involved in macro and micro credit management consulting and policies.
 Professionals in other discipline who are interested in credit management qualification
 Candidate with some years of working experience in credit related functions with less qualification.

In keeping with quality standards required of specialised higher institutions running professional qualification programmes, the LPCMC usually send one of its professors of Credit Management once a year to meet the students of its affiliates (PSCFM) for more learning interactions.

The overall aim of the programme is to allow practising credit managers and their new recruits obtain specialist qualification in credit management through formal specialist learning methodology. The LPCMC and PSCFM programmes in Credit Management are vocational, practical and highly relevant while maintaining standards of academic rigor and scholarship. Besides providing a thorough training in the principles and practice of modern credit management, the programme aims to develop quantitative, analytical, problem-solving and sound decision-making skills in credit management.

You become a Credit Management professional; your services can be moved up or required as Credit Analyst, Credit Manager, Credit Controller, Credit Executive Trainee, Head of Credit Department, Head of Accounts Recovery Department, Export Credit Manager, Credit Control Supervisor. At higher level, you can be elevated to Deputy General Manager or Assistant General Manager - or Executive Director - Credit Risk, etc.
Also, with little resources, you can choose not to work for anybody; instead, you can straight-away set up, own and manage a credit management consulting company, credit reference company, credit rating agency, credit risk mitigation company and other credit services including debt factoring, receivables management, the list is endless.

Indeed, CREDIT MANAGEMENT, unknown to many, is the world’s most lucrative career available for today's young and middle class professionals. This is a profession that sits you with business leaders around the world. Local financial institutions, industrial organisations and international financial development agencies, export credit agencies of nations will need your expertise; individual and institutional investors cannot do without you.

The PSCFM and LPCMC maintain very strict policy to the effect that student once admitted for a programme will not be allowed for any reason whatsoever to either abandon, defer, postpone or discontinue his or her studies. If it happens, any fee or all the fees paid by the student will be completely forfeited. Even if the student comes back in the future to complete the programme, such student will have to start the programme afresh, including the payment of all the fees regardless of the payment made in the past. Our authority is very firm on this situation and no student should attempt to go against it. A prospective student is strongly advised to decide well before enrolling for the programme.

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